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"Will We See Them Again?

(Looking for Pets in Heaven)"

by Tom Waldron


This CD is filled with hope and inspiration for those who have lost their pets and are agonizing over whether they'll ever see them again. It lasts over an hour and contains much of the information that is in the book, "Will I See Him Again? A Look At Pets in Heaven." Of course, you'll have to get the book for much more, but this CD is more than enough to get you started on your way to a scripturally based hope in the Only One who can do anything about it.

You'll hear about God's love for ALL His creation and how He has always planned all along for them to live forever.

Also discussed is whether pets have souls or not and Tom's unique presentation of this idea as he asks, "Why should it even matter?" After all, even if you believe that they have no soul, then you already know they are able to live without one! So why should it matter? Especially to God?

Hear more about what Heaven is really like and how the Bible teaches that Heaven will really be right here on the "New Earth!" Just as God always intended it to be from the beginning.

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